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 On Sunday, 30 November 2014

IRCTC tatkal ticket booking is not an easy task especially when its holiday time like that of Holi or Dilwali. Approximately 1,00,000 tatkal tickets are booked everyday. And looking at such competition it seems very difficult to compete for the few reservation seats. And hence here I have shared IRCTC tatkal ticket booking assistants, these are the softwares, extensions and tools that will help you book your IRCTC tatkal ticket fast and will increase your chances of getting a reserved seat.

But before going further do check this article on "Increase speed of IRCTC tatkal ticket booking". It also has some important points that you can follow to enhance your speed of ticket booking. 

IRCTC Tatkal Ticket Booking Assistant

Assistants For Ticket Booking

Now lets move to the tools that will help you allot. I have shared the tools one by one, it includes extensions and softwares do follow the steps carefully and comment for any doubts.

#1 Easy Tatkal

IRCTC auto form filling tool is offered by This tools enable you to book the IRCTC tatkal ticket form quickly with very less time consumption. In this way your chances of success increases. You can check here for this tool. It is a Google chrome extension, just download it and add it to your chrome browser to use it.

Here is a description about this tool from - 

Autofill irctc website helps you to save your General/Tatkal form filling time. What you need to do is just save the values in this website and then see the magic of Automatic form filling on irctc site. Try it once before you actually book your ticket. Just fill the credentials, travel details, passenger details and click on save on each page. The most important is the Passenger details which consume more time, however auto filling your credentials also saves your session time.
Open the irctc site, you get the credentials filled, just click login, you move to Plan my travel Page which is again automatically filled. Next when you book ticket the Passenger details are already filled for you. Wow.. Feels great to see the magic! Just enter the Captcha and you can Go ahead...
With this tool, the only time taken is by the responding server, you are faster than the server!
Note: has been tested carefully. It doesn't affect IRCTC performance. Don't click Login, Find Trains, Go buttons until the browser finishes loading irctc webpage.
Now on how to use this tool and how to book tickets using this assistant here are the steps - 

  1. Uninstall earlier version of extension, latest version is 7 and above.
  2. Login using any of the option i.e through Gmail or Facebook.
  3. Under section "Fill Form", click on button "Enable"->Install browser extension pop up->Install it.
  4. Click on another "Enable" button ->Click on button "I want to use" on pop-up.
  5. Fill all the details in form and say save.
  6. User will get redirected to Option tab.
  7. Click on button "Active" against the form and fill the "More" section.
  8. Open the IRCTC and you can see all the details getting automatically filled at each stage.

So,in this way it fills all your details in fraction of second as the page loads and saves your time of filling the form and then clicking on train no and class to complete the process.

#2 Magic Autofill Assistant

This is another tool developed by Amit Agrawal. It is known as Magic Autofill. And is available on

Magic Autofill Assistant

Here is the description for this tool as stated by Amit Agarwal on the official site - 

The Indian Railways IRCTC website opens up for train reservations at 8 AM, or 10 AM if you are making a reservation under the tatkal scheme, and the tickets are often booked within minutes. Our Magic Autofill tool for IRCTC can improve your chances of getting a train ticket on the website.
Open the reservation form, fill-in your passenger details and click the I'm Feeling Lucky button. Now drag the Magic Autofill button to the bookmarks toolbar of your browser. That's it. When you are on the Indian Railways website (, click the same Magic button in your bookmarks to fill the reservation form with one click. Speed matters.
This is also a very popular assistant and helps allot in reducing tatkal ticket booking time. Here is a video tutorial on how you can use this tool -

You can visit and use this tool.

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#3 IRCTC Easy Book Assistant

This is another quality tool, but unlike other tool assistants it is not free. Though they do have cheap plans among which you can choose from. Besides this they offer plenty of features and easy presentation of any required data.

Some of the paid features that IRCTC Easy Book are -

COMODO Secure - At IrctcEasyBook, we use the highest levels of security, including 128-bit SSL encryption verified by COMODO™ to protect your personal and confidential information.

Remain Anonymous - They hide your identity and you can book tickets and see the information without any hesitation.

Copy/Paste Option - Never search for your credit cards again when the clock is ticking, Use our secure copy/paste form to auto fill credit card, debit card information at Irctc site while booking tickets. Improve the chance of getting confirmed tatkal tickets by 20%.

Dedicated Ultrafast Access - Like real world road traffic, internet is often crowded especially during tatkal hours due to increased number of users accessing same site which make the website load unbelievably slower. As a premium user you get dedicated access to the application which is guaranteed to load much faster than free version of application.

Live Seat Availability - Be the first to know the availablity of seats on your train before you book one of them.Check seat availability with our premium, ultrasecure, blazing fast application. It's simple and easy to use. No Ads, No Popups, No Captcha to fill, No redirections in between.

Check PNR Status Live - You can check your PNR status when and where you want using their mobile app or website.

Train/ Station Information - Know the details of your train Also know the station information with our premium, ultrasecure, blazing fast application. It's simple and easy to use.

Live Train Schedule/Route - Know the schedule & the route of your train with our premium, ultrasecure, blazing fast application.

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Here is a video tutorial showing how you can use IRCTC Easy Book assistant -

You can use this tool assistant by visiting this page.

So these were some awesome IRCTC tatkal ticket booking assistant tools. Do try them and increase your chances of booking IRCTC tatkal tickets fast.

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