How to Install Zeusmos From Cydia?

 On Sunday, 2 November 2014

Zeusmos is a popular app installer and is treated among the best alternative installers among Hipstore, Apptrackr, iFunbox, Panda App, vShare etc. If you are fond of installing app now and then and want to save money by installing free apps then Zeusmos is a good option. It allows you to download and install your favorite apps free of cost. Here in this tutorial I have mentioned steps on how to install Zeusmos from Cydia?

Zeusmos has been tested on the different Apple devices such as iphone 4, iphone 4S, iphone 5, iphone 5S, ipod touch, ipad mini and others. It worked absolutely fine. Also when checked on different operating systems of Apple (iOS 6, iOS 7 etc.) it worked great. It is expected to work well on iOS 8 too. Now, to install Zeusmos you have to follow some simple steps given below. Just go step by step and in no time you will be downloading many quality apps from Zeusmos for free.

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One thing to remember is jail breaking your Apple device is necessary to run Zeusmos. All the apps shared on Zeusmos are cracked and they work only on jail broken iphones, ipads and other apple devices.

Now as the heading suggests. We will install Zeusmos on our iphone using Cydia app. You might have installed Cydia while jail breaking your iphone, if not go to this article Best Cydia Sources. In this I have shared steps on how you can install Cydia on your Apple device.

Cydia Screen
  1. After installing Cydia just open it.
  2. Now go to "Manage" option. It should be the second last option on the bottom bar.
  3. Choose the option "Sources".
  4. An "Add" button will appear on the top left side. Tap it.
  5. A Cydia sources box will pop up. Here we have to enter the URL of the source. Here enter the URL "" and get App Sync.

  6. Tap the "Add Source" button to continue.
  7. Choose the App Sync version according to your iOS version. Like If your are using iOS 5.A (A is any number) then choose App Sync version iOS 5.0+ and App Sync 6.0+ for iOS 6.A

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App Sync is now installed on your iOS device. Now we have to install Zeusmos. For these we have to repeat the same steps.

  1. Just open Cydia.
  2. Go to "Manage" option and choose "Sources".
  3. Tap "Edit" button and select "Add". 
  4. Now here you have to put the Cydia repo source for Zeusmos. Here enter the URL "".
  5. Search for Zeusmos and tap on it and install it.

Install Zeusmos

Your Zeusmos is now installed. Open it, explore it and download the different apps, top 10 racing games, songs etc. for free. See the updates and what others are sharing. Get the reason why Zeusmos is so popular among the iphone users.

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But do keep in mind that these apps are the cracked versions. And are made available to you for free so you ca try them before purchasing them. If you like a app very much, do respect its publisher and buy it. Try as many apps as you want for free but do pay the respect to the one that blows off your mind.

So this was a tutorial on how to install Zeusmos from Cydia for free. Hope you have successfully download this awesome app on your iphone. Do comment if you have any problem. And keep checking for new updates on this blog.

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