Increase Speed Of IRCTC Tatkal Ticket Booking

 On Saturday, 15 November 2014

IRCTC is an Indian government portal created to facilitate online ticket booking. One can book online railway tickets using IRCTC website i.e "". For booking ticket on IRCTC you just have to register and create an account on the website and then you can easily select trains, choose seats and pay money online to book your ticket. IRCTC accepts online payment modes that include payment through credit card, VISA cards, online banking and mobile banking. But booking tatkal tickets on IRCTC becomes troublesome as the website gets heavy traffic and their is a high competition for the tatkal quota seats. And hence here I have shared some ways which will reduce your time consumption and will help you increase speed of IRCTC tatkal ticket booking, These are some simple tricks that anyone could follow but have a considerable effect on your speed. Just go through these tricks and see how well it works for you.

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Increase Speed of IRCTC

How To Book Taktal Ticket?

Before moving further I will first tell you how you can book IRCTC tatkal tickets. If you already know how to book tickets you can skip these steps, but if you can then just read these steps once.
  1. First log on to IRCTC official website, i.e "".
  2. Then on the homepage you will see a box with the heading "Log In" where it asks you for your ID, password and a captcha text. Just below that you will see an option "Sign Up". Click on it.
  3. A registration form will appear. Just fill the details and create your account.
  4. Once your account is created you can use your ID and password you created to log in.
  5. Go to IRCTC homepage again, type in your ID and password, log in and search for the trains.
  6. When you are booking tatkal ticket, jus mark the "Tatkal" option.
So these were some simple steps on how you can book tatkal ticket.

How to speed up IRCTC tatkal ticket booking?

These are the steps that will help you reduce your time consumption to minimum and book your tatkal ticket quickly.

#1 Close All Pages Except IRCTC Website

First and the most basic thing you have to remember is do not open any website or page while booking IRCTC ticket. Just close all sites like Youtube, Facebook etc. Youtube videos buffer and they slow down internet speed. Cancel all downloading files. Do not download any file from torrent or any other source while booking tickets. Just let the IRCTC's official website open and rest close all other pages.

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#2 Block All Ads

You might have seen advertisements popping up on your screen while you are surfing internet. These advertisements are shows through javascripts and these javascripts take time to load and slow down opening speed of the site. So blocking these ads will definitely help you to increase speed of your ticket booking.

For blocking the advertisements you can use plugins for the browser. For e.g. here is the link to Google Ad Block extension. After adding this ad block extension to your chrome browser ads will not pop up and will give you increased internet speed for fast ticket booking.

If you using Mozilla Firefox browser then use this link for Adblock Plus addon. Add this addon to your firefox browser to get rid of all ads.

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#3 Auto Filling the IRCTC Form

Most of the time you lose while booking tatkal ticket is the time when you have to type the whole information in the form. It asks for name of the people travelling, their ages, sex,birth  preferences etc. What if this information could be filled with just a click in a split second. This would save us allot of time. And hence we will use Magic Autofill.

1. Just go to this website "". It has this tool Magic Autofill. Click on "Reservation form".
Autofill for IRCTC

2. Once you open this page you will see a form same as that of IRCTC. Just fill in all the details including names, ages, sex, preferences etc.

Feeling Lucky Button

3. After filling all the information click the button "I Am Feeling Lucky".
4. Now it will show you two options "Edit Form" and "Magic Autofill". Now just drag the "Magic Autofill" to your bookmarks menu.

Drag Autofill Button

5. Now when you have to fill the IRCTC form just drag this "Magic Autofill" option from the bookmark menu to the form page. And the form will be filled automatically.

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Here is also a video made by Amit Agrawal, the developer of Magic Autofill. Just watch the video to understand how to use it better.

So these were some simple tricks that you can use to increase speed of IRCTC tatkal ticket booking. Just use this and become more lucky to get your tatkal tickets. If you have any doubt please do comment. Have fun!

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