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 On Saturday, 8 November 2014

In this post I am going to share some steps that will help you to install Hip Store using Cydia on your iOS device for free. Hip Store is an alternative app for iOS that helps download apps on your Apple device for free. Once you have downloaded Hip Store than you can search for your favorite apps on Hip Store and the app will be instantly downloaded on your iphone for free. But one thing you should remember is these installer apps ( like Hip Store, Zeusmos, iFunbox etc.) are just for testing apps. If you really like an app after using it, just buy it from the iTunes store to show your respect for its publisher. Feel free to install and use any app, but do buy the one that you like. Now, here are the steps that will install Hip Store on your iphone.

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How To Install Hip Store on Apple Device

Before proceeding further, one thing to mind is Hip Store doesn't work on non jailbreak iphones, ipads or other apple devices. To install Hip Store you first have to jailbreak your iphone and install Cydia on it. Here is a guide on How to install cydia and best cydia sources.

Once Cydia is properly installed in your iphone then you can download App Sync. To download AppSync open Cydia and tap "Manage" option. Its in the bottom bar. Now choose "Sources". A "Add" button will appear on screen after tapping "Edit", tap it and add the source URL. You can use this URL - "". Now tap "Add Source". And using this find AppSync and install it on your iphone. Install the appropriate version according to your iOS like install AppSync 5.0+ for iOS 5.X.

Install AppSync on iOS

After installing AppSync, now you have to repeat the steps to install Hip Store. Open Cydia, choose "Manage" option. Then "Sources", "Edit" and then "Add". When it asks for Cydia Source use the URL "". It is among the recommended URLs for Hip Store installation. Now just tap on Hip Store and install it. It will be downloaded in no time on your iphone unless you have a very slow internet connection!!

Install Hip Store Using Cydia

That's it! Hip Store is now installed on your iOS device. You can now downloaded free apps, music, wallpapers and games using this installation app and test any app for free.

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Install Cracked IPA Files On Your iPhone

Once you have downloaded Hip Store using the above steps. You can now easily install cracked IPA files on your iphone. To install and run the cracked IPA files you need Hip Store and IPA installer.

To download the apps, first open the Hip Store.

Hip Store Cydia

Now on the top search bar type the name of the app you are looking for. If the app will be available in their database its name will pop up on the screen along with the description, publisher name, size and a  download button. Use this download button to install the app. When the app is being downloaded its progress will be shown in the "Download" menu. Do not quit the Hip Store app or lock your iphone else the app will not be installed. Just keep the Hip Store open until the app is being downloaded and when its downloaded successfully exit the Hip Store.

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Now use your IPA installer to run the app you have downloaded using the Hip Store. If you don't have IPA installer install it. Now open IPA installer, go to downloads section and tap the installed app. Run the app and enjoy it!

IPA Installer iPhone

Thus these were some simple steps that you can use to install Hip Store using Cydia on iphone. And download lots of amazing apps for free.

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