IOS 8 Wifi Fix| IOS 8 Wifi Issues Solution

 On Tuesday, 28 October 2014

IOS 8 is an awesome operating system with loads of new features and applications. Improvements are fascinating over the old IOS 7. But despite the new features IOS 8 is held back by its bugs. Wifi issues and battery drain problems makes it use icky. Here I have discussed some solutions to deprecate these problems, IOS 8 Wifi fixes that might help you deal with the wifi problems. You might be facing problem of connectivity, you are not able to connect to other wifi networks, many times connection breaks in between and slow speed becomes a regular issue.

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Here are some of the solutions.

Wifi Fixes for IOS 8| Wifi Problems Solution

#1 Wipe your Wifi Logins

Reset Network Settings

This is resetting of network settings of your Apple device so that any change of settings hindering the issues gets lost. Resetting the device will wipe off your wifi logins and empty the cache memory of the device. You can do this by -

  • Go to "Settings" option from the home screen.
  • Choose the option "General".
  • Now, choose "Reset" option.      
  • And select "Reset Network Settings".
By doing this all the changes in the settings done prior will be undone and basic settings will be engaged. So , doing this might solve the problem. If it doesn't choose the next step.

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#2 Turn Off Wifi Networking

Turn Off Wifi Networking

This is disabling your wifi network to solve the problem. This will change the wifi settings and will solve the connection problem. To turn off wifi networking -

  • Go to the "Settings" menu.
  • Choose the option "Location Services".
  • Now choose "System Settings",  you will find this option at the bottom of the list.
  • And now turn off the wifi networking.

#3 Set Custom DNS

Set Custom DNS

DNS settings of the wifi also have a great impact on the connection. You can always go for Google DNS or open DNS. But custom DNS settings are only suitable for some cases. To change the DNS settings of the wifi connection, follow these steps -

  • From the "Settings" menu, choose "Wifi" option.
  • Choose the wifi connection available and tap the "i" button or ">" on the right side of the wifi network.
  • Scroll down and you will see the DNS option. 
  • Put the numbers in the DNS option.
You can use Google's DNS that enter either "" or "". Or you can also use Open DNS addresses i.e "" or "".

#4 Reset the Entire Apple Device

If none of the above things work out, then the last option you can try is resetting the entire iphone. Use iTunes and restore your Apple device. This will format your entire iphone and will reset all your settings.

You should also download MyWi for iOS. And so these were some of solutions to IOS wifi issues. Hope these IOS 8 wifi fixes work for you. I will try to update the post with more workable solutions if I will get them. 

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