Best Cydia Sources For Ipod Touch 4G

 On Saturday, 11 October 2014

Cydia sources or repositories  serve the life of jail breakers. Once your ipod touch is jail brokn you can install and download themes, wallpapers, music songs, apps etc. to your ios devices from Cydia sources for free. Here I have shared a list of some of the best Cydia sources for ipod touch. Use these sources and search for the best new available items and keep your collection updated.

But before going to sources here I have shared some steps on how to install Cydia on your ipod touch? Just skip it if you have Cydia installed on your ipod touch else just have a look.

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Cydia on Ipod Touch

Install Cydia on Ipod Touch 4G

To install Cydia on your ipod touch, iphone or ipad first you need to install "OpenAppMkt". Open App Market is a kind of app that lets you install other apps.

1. So to install OpenAppMkt, open Safari browser and in Google search for OpenAppMkt. And then top Google results will show site. Just click on it and install openappmkt on your ipod. You can also directly open "" and install this app. Your choice.
While installing a "Add to Homescreen" option will appear, use it and create a shortcut of OpenAppMkt on your ipod homescreen.

2. Then open the app and search for "Cydia Installer". Many Cydia installers apps will appear in the search results. Choose the installer that if available for free of cost. Cydia is free and asks for no money for installation. Choose the Cydia installer from Tower Group publishers.

3. Install Cydia Installer and run it. While installing again use the "Add to Homescreen" option to create a app shortcut on the screen.

4. Open Cydia app, Cydia homepage will appear. Click on "More Information" link. And then select "Get Started" option. Now it will ask you which ios device are you using? Which version of ipod are you using? Just select the appropriate option and install Cydia on your ipod touch.

Here is a video by "Ground Kicker" that explains the steps clearly -

Cydia is now successfully installed on your ipod touch. And now you can use the below mentioned sources to get free music, apps, themes, wallpapers etc. for free.

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How To Add Sources To Cydia

  1. Open Cydia app and tap the "Manage" option at the bottom of the screen. 
  2. Now select the link "Sources". 
  3. Select "Edit" button
  4. And then "Add" option on the top left side. 
  5. Now it will ask for the Cydia/APT URL. This is the URL of the source. Just check the URLs of the sources from below and enter it.
  6. Then click "Add source" and you are done.

Cydia Sources For Ipod Touch 4G

Cydia Sources for Ipod Touch

Here is the list of some best Cydia sources along with their APT URLs. Just use these URLs and put them in the "Add Source" box to download ans enjoy free items from the app store of Cydia.

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#1 ModMyi


ModMyi is the most prominent source for the best Cydia sources over the internet. Due its quality service it the among the top choice of users who want to modify their ios devices completely. You get attractive themes, ringtones, soundtracks, wallpapers and tweaks that will let give you choices enough to completely modify your ipod touch, ModMyi also has a forum with more than 700,000 active members participating to make their ios devices more useful and enjoyable. Just use ModMyi and update your ipod touch as per your demands. Here is the APT URL for ModMyi -

#2 Bite Your Apple

Bite Your Apple Source

Bite Your Apple is another quality repository where you can find plenty of interesting items.  They keep on updating their stock and are adding new items almost everyday. You will find many of your favorite themes, apps, wallpapers etc. in their featured columns. They also have a forum for their users that gets many hits in a day. Most of the time people are online and will respond eagerly to your posts. You can also check their blog for new and interesting stuffs. Here is the source -
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#3 iForce

iForce Repo

iForce is among the most useful Cydia sources. It is not like other Cydia sources who focus on offering variety of apps but they focus on sharing useful apps. For eg. you may not find allot of themes but you will find a Bluetooth sharing app. You can find apps like AirBlue Sharing. It helps you to transfer files from your ios device to other other operating systems. By using AirBlue Sharing you can send files to other Nokia phones, Windows PC systems, Android devices, Mac, Linux etc. It also shares other apps like Bluever that lets you enable Bluetooth Dial Up networking support for your ipod touch 4g, iphone and ipad. Here is the APT URL for iForce -

#4 MyRepoSpace

My Repo Space

MyRepoSpace is like a social networking for jailbreak users. MyRepoSpace serves you with allot of webspace where you can upload your files and download what others have shared. In short, you can create your own Cydia source and upload and share your content for ios devices on internet. Here is the source of MyRepoSpace -
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#5 iHackStore

iHackStore Cydia Source

iHackStore is a another giant cydia source for your ipod touch. It has millions of shared items including ringtones, mods, themes, tweaks, hacks etc. It has a huge collection and also shared the cracked tweaks. So you can download most of the cracked apps for free. iHackStore allows you to use the cracked app on your jailbroken ios device before you buy the real thing. So you can test the app before buying it. Here is the source URL for iHackStore -

So these were some of the best Cydia sources for ipod touch 4G. Do try them and bookmark this page as I will update the list with many other quality sources.

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