How To Speed Up Torrenting?

 On Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Torrent is a small meta data file that makes downloading large files easy using peer to peer sharing. Any guy who is an internet freak acknowledges torrent sharing as it is the largest network of free file sharing worldwide. You can share and download files easily using any torrent client such as Bittorrent, Utorrent, Bitlord etc.  And the only problem one can face is the slow speed of torrent. If you can speed up torrent then there is almost nothing that you can not download for free in very less time. Some common most downloaded genres in torrent are movies and games. They together cover about sixty percent of torrent downloads. Here is a quick guide about "How to speed up torrenting?" that will help you to download torrent files quickly.

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Increase Torrent Speed By Simple Tricks

#1 Check Your Internet Speed

Test your Internet Speed

Your internet speed is the most basic factor that will affect the torrent download speed. You can't increase torrent speed beyond the capacity of your ISP. You can check your internet speed using, it gives a close idea of your internet speed. Keep an eye on simple things such as connecting ports, RAM or use of tweaking tools to increase internet speed and increase your the speed as much as you can to speed up torrent downloading.

#2 Use the Best Bitorrent Client

The quality and version of the Bitorrent client your are using matters allot. Clients work differently on different operating systems and different versions have different features. Always keep your client updated and choose the best client you can. Below is a list of some quality torrent clients to choose from -

  • Meerkat
  • Bittorrent Client
  • MLDonkey
  • ĀµTorrent
  • Opera
  • Qbittorrent
  • rtorrent
  • Symtorrent
  • Torrent Swapper
  • Transmission
  • Tribler
  • Vuze
  • Xunlei
These are the most used Bittorrent clients, choose the one that gives you the fastest downloading speed. Bitlord has a considerably high downloading speed. But it doesn't allow you to do side by surfing. It sucks all your internet speed and uses it for torrent downloading.

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#3 Choosing the Right Torrent File to Download

Choose High Seed To Peer Ratio

Always keep an eye on the number of seeds and leechers. They show the number of systems involved in the file sharing. Seeders or seeds are the person who have the complete copy of the torrent file you are downloading. They are sharing that file with you so that you can download it easily. And leechers shows the number of users who are involved in downloading the file. They do not have the complete copy of the downloaded file and are downloading it using torrent. They will become seeders one their file is downloaded and then they will began seeding. So you have to choose a torrent file that has maximum number of seeders and minimum number of leechers. Maintain a high seed to leechers ratio. For eg. a torrent file with 40 seeds (40% seeds) and 60 leechers will give you a better speed with respect to a torrent file with 500 seeds and 5000 leechers.

#4 Change The Port Number And See a Hike In Torrent Speed

Change Port Number

The port number set on the torrent client plays a crucial role in determining download speed. If you set a port number that is busy you will get a very slow speed. So try to get a unique port number. Try a number somewhat big and different. Try the most unique like 17548 or 19454. A number big and different. Limit the port number to 5 digits. Their is no need to change the port number every time you start the client, just change in once or twice when you are getting slow speed and see if it helps else let it be.

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#5 Change your Windows Firewall Settings For Proper Working of Client

Windows firewall restricts the torrent client and prevents it from working properly. Change your windows firewall and give exceptions for Bittorrent Client. Here are steps with pictures showing how you can do it -

1. Go to Control Panel from the start menu.

Go To Control Panel

2. Choose "System and Security" option from the Control Panel menu.

Choose System and Security

3. After selecting "System and Security" options. A screen shown as below will appear. Choose "Allow a program through Windows Firewall".

Allow Programs Through Firewall

4. Finally select the torrent files and add them to exception by clicking OK.

Add Torrent To Exception

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#6 Limit Your Connection With Other Peers

Limit Peer Connections

In your Bittorrent client change your connection settings so as to share your data with limited numbers of users. If you will allows maximum number of connection unlimited or many users you end up uploading more and downloading less. So limit it to 150 or 200 users.

So these were some simple steps that you can use to speed up torrenting. Do follow these and enjoy torrent downloading at fast speeds!

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