Can you Download Torrent Using Pcloud?

 On Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Recently in my post on how to download torrent using cloud, I mentioned some quality websites that uses cloud storage and offers them to public for free or at cheap prices. While many of these sites have many different features, some of them offer only cloud storage. One of the sites is pCloud which is also very popular. But pCloud shares only cloud storage. It doesn't support torrent downloading. Here is how I know that.

After you register for a pCloud account, it gives you 10 GB of free space that you can use to upload and download your files anywhere including your smartphone and tablets. It offers web app that you can download on PC or your mobile phone for free. That app helps you transfer file from the cloud server easily. I look at the options and services they offered but could not find any description or intro regarding file download from torrent sites. Their app for desktop is also of quality. It lets you transfer your files on their cloud server very easily but has no option related to download files from torrent. So I contacted to their support, emailing them. Asking about how can I download torrent using pCloud? Do they provide any such service. And here is how they replied.

Download Torrent Using Pcloud

Thanks you for contacting us.
At this point you cannot use our pCloud service as torrent downloading program.
However you can download torrents directly to your pCloud. To do that you need to download our Desktop version from here .
Then use torrent downloading program and select your pCloud folder as directory.
The torrent files which you download will be uploaded directly to your pCloud account.

Best wishes,

So this is all. For now you cannot download torrent using pCloud. However there are many other quality sites that you can use. Look at this list of Cloud sites to download torrent.

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