Have Fun With Cool Facebook Tricks And Pranks 2014

 On Sunday, 16 March 2014

Facebook is one of the biggest addictions that has caught many surfers. You can share your pics, videos, status with your friends. Comment and interact, add and delete photos, update your walls with attractive pictures, you can play games, you can poke friends, you can beat their high scores and shout at their walls and what not. There are time when you have spent hours chatting on Facebook and you don't realize how the time passed. And maintaining the awesomeness of Facebook continues with cool Facebook Tricks and pranks of 2014. There are apps and ways through which you can play with Facebook profiles, introduce things others haven't noticed and surprise your friends. Here I am sharing some of the best Facebook tips and tricks 2014 that I found are fun to use. Do have a look!

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Cool Facebook Tricks And Tips To Enjoy

#1 Facebook Ghost Prank

Facebook Ghost Prank

This is my favorite one. It is an awesome Facebook prank in which a ghost comes out on the screen out of a dead profile. Just open the profile and surf the links causally. Suddenly you will notice something very scary comes towards you tearing the profile page. Here is what you have to do -

  • Just go to this Facebook profile page.
  • Wait for a few seconds and look at the pics and wall posts. Keep observing the page for a while.
  • Enjoy.
  • Share this profile page with your friends.

Note - This prank is not suitable for heart patients and kids. Keep it away from patients who have heart problems and children.

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#2 Post Inverted Status Trick

Facebook Inverted Messages Trick

You can now post inverted status on Facebook that will surprise your friends and it will take some extra efforts for them to read your post. You can post any message that teases your friends. Something like "I am feeling sleepy, is everything alright?" or "Does this message makes sense to you. Then why is your head inverted?". Here is how you can post inverted messages -

  • Just go to this website.
  • There you will see a text box with the text " Write your text here". Here you will write the text. Write whatever you want and it will be inverted.
  • Just copy the inverted message from the flipped text box and paste it on your Facebook status bar.
  • Post it and see what are the reactions of your friends.

#3 Edit Facebook Page and Share Its Snapshot

Edit Facebook Page Trick

Here is a script that makes the Facebook page a fixed editor like notepad or Microsoft Word where you can edit the text written just by clicking on it. Using this script you can change the name of the person in profile, edit their status, change text on like button to dislike and edit anything you want. Then capture the snapshot and share it on Facebook itself. Also tag your friends in that photo to have more fun. Here is how you can do it -

1) Open Facebook page you want to edit. It may be the homepage or profile of your friend.

2) In the address bar delete the url and istead of the url paste this script  -"javascript:document.body.contentEditable='true'; document.designMode='on'; void 0".
FB Javascript

3) Remember to put "javascript:" in the script else it won' work.

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#4 Know the Crush of your Friends

FB Crush Prank

You can find the crush of your friends using love calculator. You have to share a link to the fake love calculator on Facebook. When  your friends will enter the name of their crush an email will be sent to you with the names. Here is how you can do it -

  • Visit this page - Crushbits.com
  • Fill the sign up form with the email id where you want the email to be sent.
  • Create the form and get the link.
  • Share the link with your friends on Facebook.
  • Start receiving emails showing the "TOP SECRET" confidential data.

#5 Send Free SMS Trick

Send Free SMS Trick

You can also send free SMS using Facebook. Chatsms is a Facebook app that lets you send free SMS to any mobile number. There are no demographic restrictions. But it allows you to send only four SMS per day. Also the texts should be under 100 words. Here are the steps -

  • Log in to your Facebook account.
  • Go to Chatsms facebook application.
  • Sign Up for the application and start sending text messages instantly.

So these were the best cool Facebook tricks and pranks of 2014. Use these tips and tricks to surprise your friends and have fun. I will update the list with latest Facebook pranks so keep checking. Till then, enjoy!

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  1. The ghost prank is really scary.
    I'll try this out on my friends.