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 On Friday, 14 March 2014

Google Chrome is a simple and useful web browser. Its among the most downloaded web browser all around the web. It supports many extensions and you can customize its appearance that allows you to blend it in the way you like. You can download chrome extensions that make your work easier. You can download chrome themes. Also, being a freeware web browser and wide use there are variety of apps that integrate with chrome browser.

Here I am sharing with you some top chrome themes, the best Google Chrome themes download collection that has the most downloaded and highly rated chrome themes. These themes are colorful and attractive. Also they are free to download and use. Just have a look below and choose the best one.

Download Free Best Google Chrome Themes

#1 Mark Ecko Chrome Theme

Mark Ecko

Sketched with attractive colors Mark Ecko is a gangster graffiti that looks great on your laptop. This theme has amazing color combination and a polished HD look that makes it look fantabulous. It is for art lovers and serves as a mark of inspiration. You can download the theme from here.

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#2 Porsche For Google Chrome

Porsche for Google Chrome

The Porsche theme is unique in itself. It has the beautiful desert background with the stylish Porsche on the ground. Filled with sky blue colors the theme goes easy on eyes and give a attractive blue shade. If you are a Porsche lover then this theme is definitely for you. Download Porsche theme.

#3 Cath Kidston - British Lifestyle Brand

Cath Kidston

Cath Kidston is a decent and rosy Google chrome theme. Filled with shades of pink and beautiful flowers in the background gives a feel of pleasure and peace. The floral design catches your eye every time you open chrome on your laptop. The theme is kinda a pink passion. You can download it here.

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#4 James White - The Virtual Artist

James White

James White is a complete black theme with a bright shade of many colors at a corner. The theme is elegant and different. It gives a nice read and is good to look at. You can look at the theme continuously with straining you eyes. Download James White theme.

#5 Splendid Google Chrome Theme

Splendid Google Chrome Theme

Downloading Splendid for Chrome is like putting a window on your laptop that gives you a look of the upper atmosphere. Splendid is simple sky, its simplicity will make you feel like you are starring at clouds. Just open your browser and feel like surfing in the air. You can download Splendid from here.

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#6 Into The Mist Download

Into The Mist Theme Download

Into The Mist, as the name suggest the theme takes you deep into the mist. The long road with trees on the sides. All hidden by the mist. The unknown and less traveled path that the lost one follows. The theme is fantastic and has beauty in it. Download Into The Mist theme.

#7 Night Time In The New York City

Night Time In The New York

Awesome theme for the New York lovers. This theme high lights the night life of New York, the beauty of the city in the dark. Makes you feel like home. The silence and brightness of New York night. Download this google chrome theme.

#8 Raindrops - Among Best Google Chrome Themes


Raindrops is a very beautiful Google Chrome theme that give you the sight of real water on your window screen. Water is splashed on your laptop and you can see through it. Makes your sight vivid and blur at the same time. Download Raindrops theme.

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#9 Kate Spade - The Stripy Colors

Kate Spade

Kate Spade is a column of colorful striped all spread regularly on your laptop screen. This Google chrome theme is a sophisticated and color piece of art that serves as a mark of inspiration. The theme consists of six colorful striped of different colors including green, red, pink, purple, yellow and blue. Download Kate Spade.

#10 Beautiful Landscape For Google Chrome Download

Beautiful Landscape Download Free

Beautiful Landscape is another quality Google chrome theme to download. The theme looks like being on your own fantasy place with a beautiful waterfall and green grass makes you feel like there's something better out there in the world. Colors are great and scene is wonderful. Download for free Beautiful Landscape theme.

#11 Love Smoke -  Colorful Heart On the Desktop

Love Smoke Chrome Theme

Review by Christine Corbett - If you need some pick-me-up or some loving in your life or are in love then this is the one for you! No need to look any farther than this! For me it cheers me up everytime I open my browser, It reminds me that there is beautifulness & love in this world every time you open your eyes you just have to look its all around you..... Great job on this theme!

Download Love Smoke theme.

#12 Dolce & Gabbana - The Beautiful Cheetah Shades

Dolce & Gabbana Theme

Dolce & Gabbana is a beautiful animal theme. It shows the striped of a cheetah along with simple white color surrounding the background. This theme is suitable for all animal lovers and those who enjoy the glance of wildlife.

Download Dolce & Gabbana for chrome.

#13 Lone Tree - Radiating The Joy Light

Lone Tree Google Chrome Theme

Lone Tree is a joyful theme radiating light along blissful touch of colors emanating from the still tree. The image gives a sense of stability and calmness. The theme is beautiful,strong and complete in its sense of serenity and grace.

Download Lone Tree.

#14 Yann Arthus Bertrand - The Earth From Above

Yann Arthus Bertrand Theme

Yann Arthus Bertrand is a photographer, writer and founder of Good Planet. Good Planet is a non profit organization that spreads awareness about the planet. And Yann Arthus also wrote the book "The Earth From Above" and the movie "Home". The image used in this theme was captured by him.

Download Yann Arthus Bertrand.

#15 Tiesto - The Electronic Determination

Tiesto Chrome Theme

Tiesto is a cool chrome theme n the shades of black and grey. There is dark black color in the background and a bird like shape in the shades of grey. A circular grey ring surrounding the bird gives a mark of flight team.

Here is the Tiesto chrome theme.

So this was the best Google Chrome theme download free collection consisting of top 15 Google Chrome themes. Download the one you like the most and keep changing the theme to keep your browsing experience alive.

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