Best Free Online Multiplayer Games for Android

 On Friday, 14 March 2014

You might enjoy playing games but when the fun increases multiple times when you play it with your friends. You can beat their scores, you can share your progress, you can comment and post your scores on their walls. Its great. But any game will not do it. You need a quality game that is interesting and catches attention of all. I have prepared a list of best free online multiplayer games for android that includes games from all categories action, adventure, arcade, racing, strategy etc. Every game is unique and has something different that will blow your mind. Do have a look and play what you like!

Free Online Multiplayer Games

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List Of Best Free Online Multiplayer Games

Rank Game Developer Rating Features
#1 4 In a Row Benjamin Lochmann New Media 3.8/5
  • A classic two player game. Drop discs of different your color to bring four in a row. The one who drops them first wins the game.
  •  This app is available worldwide. You can play against opponents all over the world online to show your logics and tactics skills, by connecting your 21 discs to a line of four before your opponent.
  • You can always see which country your opponent is from.
  • Every online victory earns you points.
  • If you win an online game of "4 in a Row" against an opponent, who has accumulated a lot of points, you'll get an accordingly higher score.
  • You can start chats to talk with people all over the world, analyze your moves or just chitchat.
  • An online friend list makes it possible to invite your friends to a round of "4 in a Row" without charge.
  • The higher you score in games of "4 in a Row", the higher you climb on the leaderboards.
#2 2 Player Reactor Cool Cherry Trees 4.4/5
  • Challenges to test you responses, wits and knowledge. 
  • Puzzle is displayed on screen. 
  • Press the correct answer faster than your friend to get a point. 
  • Two players on same device. 
  • Available in multiple languages including Chinese, French, German, Persian etc.
#3 Call Of Mini Infinity Triniti Interactive Ltd. 4.0/5
  • In this game you are a explorer who is searching for a new place in space suitable for humans to live. Earth is going to destroy and it all depends upon youto save the human race.
  • There are lots of difficulties in the way. Shoot them hard and move on.
  • Learn talents to customize the way you fight. 
  • Cooperate with friends to defeat epic bosses.
  • Fluid 3D shooting gameplay. 
  • Thrilling battles. 
  • Upgrade armor to gain desirable buffs. 
  • Command an arsenal of weapons. 
  • Use powerful skills to fight off enemies. 
#4 Worldcraft Patrick 3.3/5
  • A sandbox game like Minecraft. 
  • Build whatever you want using blocks. 
  • Supports more than 40 blocks. 
  • Move here and there using touchpad. 
  • Place the block by tapping and tap + hold to dig block. 
  • Double click the touchpad to walk or fly.
#5 Smart Dots And Boxes Pixel Crater 3.6/5
  • Smart Dots and Boxes is the digital version of the famous pen and paper games dots and boxes.
  • It has Facebook connect.
  • App2SD.
  • Collect stars and earn ranks.
  • Play with friend on 1 device (Past & Play).
  • 4 game board sizes (from 3x3 to 6x6).
  • Online Score Board.
  • Play online with other players (Multiplayer).
  • Multiplayer chat.
  • Bet stars and win twice as much.
#6 Pocket Fleet Overdose Caffeine  4.4/5
  • A space hunting multiplayer action game. Fight with other space shooters which are other online player from all around the world. 
  • There are three different races to choose from including Incorruptus, Omnitron and Aerie. Each has its own special ability and form.
  • Four multiplayer game modes to play. Game modes include Aerie Invasion, Capture the Orb, Team Match ad Dog fight.
#7 Crappy Bird Naquatic LLC 3.6/5
  • Tap and make your bird fly as far as you can. 
  • Avoid obstacles in between. 
  • The game itself is quite easy once you get the hang of it, but is fun to play. 
  • The online mode is just the computer playing against you at random difficultly levels to make it feel as if you are playing actual people.
#8 Zombie Truck Race Ace Viral 3.9/5
  • Crush the zombies and smashables and finish the race to earn high scores and unlock new levels. 
  • 5 different worlds 
  • 70 unique and challenging levels
  • Unique Single and Multiplayer game modes 
  • Seamless Facebook integration to Challenge your friends 
  • Complete given tasks to unlock new trucks 
  • Simple and easy to use controls 
  • Two addictive Multiplayer game modes; Challenge Multplayer and Live Multiplayer mode
#9 Battle Monkeys Geek Beach Ltd. 4.3/5
  • Awesome 3D action game that make you have intense fights in the world of monkeys. 
  • Control your small army of monkeys and fight against other contestants for survival. 
  • Play live 4 player multiplayer and battle players from around the world. 
  • Level up and rise through the battle ranks. 
  • Earn rewards and unlock a small army of different monkeys to play with. 
  • Customize your monkeys according to your wish.
#10 Chess Time Haptic Apps LLC Board 4.5/5
  • Play chess online for free.
  • Rating auto calculated. 
  • Export your game moves and share with a friend! Standard PGN format for us in PGN viewers.
  • Play against your friends, multiplayer 
  • Game level chat.
  • History of recent games played.
  • Account based.

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So these were the top 10 best free online multiplayer games for android. Enjoy the games and do check the list for updates!

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