Winamp Skins Pack Free Download Full Version For Windows

 On Friday, 21 February 2014

Launched in 1997 by Nullsoft, Winamp is among the most popular media players used world wide for Windows, OS X and android. It doesn't only play the media file successfully but offers many other features and one of them is it attractive skins. Skins of Winamp are its bitmap files used to change the graphical interface thus changing its display in terms of colors, fonts and figures. They make the application more interactive, user friendly and appealing. With the release of Winamp v.2 allot of skins are introduced that lets you customize your favorite media player to your style. In this post, I have shared Winamp skins pack for Windows that you can download for free.

Before downloading read this quick guide on how you can install and use these skins on your Winamp.

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How to Download and Install Winamp Skins pack for Windows

Winamp skins are in the form of .wsz file or sometimes in form of .wal files. WSZ file are the classic skins of winamp and WAL files are also skin files but for the new skins. These files are compressed to zip files and are uploaded (in most cases). You should download these files from a trusted source always. The skin pack I have shared below are also in the form of zip files. You have to unzip the .wsz and .wal files in a temporary folder and then they can be used.

To install any file double click on it and select "YES". The installed file will then be copied to skins folder of Windows. It destination is somewhat like this -  C:\Program Files\Winamp\Skins\Folder. Download all the skins you want to use in the skins folder of Winamp. Now you just have to select skins from the options to use it. For this, open your Winamp, go to file menu, select options, choose to select skin and from the downloaded skins choose any that you want to use. If you don't get the options menu, right click on the any blank spot and look for "select skin" option. Click on it and it will display all the skins you have downloaded.

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Below is a list of skins from the Winamp skins pack full version of more than 5000 skins. Since 1997 many users have contributed to winamp skins and definitely there are allot of skins that you can find over the whole web.

Download Winamp Skin Pack For Windows

#1 G7 v1.1 for Winamp

G7 V1.1 For Winamp

#2 D Reliction

D Reliction Skin

#3 GAIA Winamp Mordern

Gaia Winamp Skin

#4 Blakk

Blakk Skin for Winamp

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#5 Play For Winamp

Play Skin

#6 Windows Live Winamp

Windows Live for Winamp

#7 TNA Winamp 3 Skin

TNA Skin

#8 Multipass 1.4

Multipass 1.4

#9 Reflexion


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#10 Anunaki

Anunaki Winamp Skin

#11 Spirit


#12 Ratchets Game v5

Ratchets Game v5

#13 Radiance 2

Radiance 2 Skin

#14 Dynamic 1.1

Dynamic 1.1

#15 BMW Club Belarus

BMW Club Belarus

So this is Winamp skins pack free to download for windows. This is just a small set of skins from Winamp skins pack full version. Just keep exploring and finding new skins. There are allot of them spread over the web. To download any of the above skin just click over the skin name and you will get it. I will share more and till then have a colorful and appealing media player. Enjoy!

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