Top 10 Free Android Games Of All Time

 On Thursday, 27 February 2014

Here is a list of top 10 free android games. It includes games from all categories including action, arcade, sports, racing, brain puzzles, casuals, question answer problems and simple live games.

This list is based on the number of downloads, rating and reviews of the game. Just have a look and find your favorite game in it.

List of Top Free Android Games

#10 Shoot Bubble Deluxe

Shoot Bubble Deluxe

Shoot Bubble Deluxe is a shooting game with collection of bubbles to burst. All you have to do is make a combination of similar bubbles and burst them by shooting. The combination should be of three or more bubbles. You have to burst all the bubbles and the stage will be cleared. Shooting Game Deluxe, here deluxe version is the one which contains both the arcade and puzzle mode.

Here are some unique features of the game -
  • Whenever you burst a bubble you get 10 point in to your account. Just keep bursting the bubbles and points will get added. When the game overs you can submit your score to global leader board. Have your name at the top of the list of high scores of your favorite game.
  • Shooting Bubble Deluxe has arcade mode and puzzle mode. In arcade mode you have to increase your speed as the  bubbles go down gradually. You have to shoot quickly else you will lose. And in puzzle mode there are around 300 levels which you can play.

#9 Temple Run

Temple Run

Temple Run is a very addictive game. It is created by Imangi Studios. You can test your concentration and reflex skills while playing this arcade game. Here you have a player who has stolen an idol from a temple. The idol is cursed and now you are out of the temple running to save your life from some wild monkeys. They are running behind you on the path. Moreover, there are dozens of obstacles in your path. Swipe to take turns, avoid obstacles by sliding and jumping, collect gold coins in the path you increase your score. And to make a high score just keep running. When you beat certain score new characters are unlocked. Play and find which one suits you the best.

#8 SpeedMoto

SpeedMoto Android Game

SpeedMoto is among the cool stuff for bike racing fans. SpeedMoto is a quality bike racing game developed by OoO Studio. The game is easy to handle, has simple controls and excellent graphics you keep you involved. Here are some unique features of SpeedMoto -
  • In this game you can ride the motorcycle shuttle in outskirts, forest, snow mountain,bridge.
  • Just swap your phone to control moto direction.
  • Tap the screen to accelerate the moto.

#7 Temple Treasure Hunter Run

Temple Treasure Hunter Run

Developed by App Factory Studio Temple Treasure Hunter Run is a cool android game for all treasure seekers. If you are a fan of Indiana Jones or you like to explore hidden treasures from the caves and deep down the mountains then this game is for you. Temple Treasure Hunter Run is a multi-task game. There are 8 treasures hidden all over the temple which you have to find using right hints and map. You have to find the treasure locations with the help of provided hints. There are secret maps which will help you to find hints and remember the treasure's secret. It isn't over yet! When you reach the correct location you have to dig the treasure out by surpassing various obstacles on the way. Here are some unique features of the games -

  • We've put together the best collection video of game cheats and walk through and a special video for all adventurer fans.
  • Well-designed levels - each with unique challenges and fun puzzles.
  • There is no time limit, but each stage has target points to proceed to next stage.
  • EASY TO LEARN - hard to master!
  • Fresh and beautiful style, bright and vibrant graphics & photo!
  • The more blocks you clear, the more bonuses you will get.

#6 My Talking Tom

My Talking Tom

My Talking Tom is a casual game for all pet lovers. Developed by Outfit 7, this game makes you a real care taker. You are given a baby kitten. Take care of his needs and help him to grow into a mature cat. You have to take care of all of his needs. Play with him, make him happy, feed him, decorate him and nurture him. You have the full responsibility of the baby kitten. Some unique features of My Talking Tom -

  • Play mini-games: My Talking Tom is packed with mini-games, with many more to come. Have fun and earn gold coins.
  • Get rewards as you progress: Help Tom grow through 9 different stages and 80 levels unlocking new items and coins as you go.
  • Unleash your creativity: Create your very own Tom by choosing from 1000’s of combinations of furs, clothing and furniture. 
  • Interact with Tom: Talk and Tom still repeats everything you say. Poke, stroke and tickle him, and watch how he responds.
  • Enjoy life-like emotions: Tom can be happy, hungry, sleepy, bored... his emotions change according to how you play with him.
  • Nurture your very own Tom: Play games with him, feed him his favorite foods, tuck him into bed.
  • Visit your friends & other players' Talking Toms: Check out the apartments and look of other Toms, find treasure chests and get coins!

#5 Tic Tac Toe

Tic Tac Toe

Tic Tac Toe is a very simple and a game that almost everyone has played in their childhood days. Now this game in also available on your android. It is categorized under arcade games and is developed by Gordillo Norma. The game has quality user interface. You can play it with your friends or with the computer. Tic Tac Toe is a very popular android game and is available for free.

#4 Teen Patti - Indian Poker

Teen Patti

Teen Patti is a card game developed by Octro. It is something similar to Poker. Teen Patti is a multi-player online game where every player is live. You are playing cards with real players all around the globe. It is also known as Flush. You are on a table of five players. Each player is distributed three cards and you keep exchanging your cards with that on the table. At the end the player with the best hand wins the game. The order of priority is as follows -

Rank 1 - Trail or Set ( three cards of same rank)
Rank 2 - Straight Flush (Pure sequence or run)
Rank 3 - Straight (run or sequence)
Rank 4 - Color
Rank 5 - Pair (cards of same rank)
Rank 6 - High card.

You can play the game with bots or live players and you can play it with your friends on Facebook or invite them to other table. You can create private rooms where only invited players will play and you set bets. Even if you lose all your chips you can buy more.

#3 Balance 3D

Balance 3D

Balance 3D is a cool puzzle game developed by BBM Soft. Its a 3D puzzle of unpredictable gravity, unstable places and mazes where you have to balance your ball. Balance 3D has 31 levels to play with two modes screen portrait and landscape. It supports several types of controls -

  • Camera (joystick) + Arrows;
  • Two-way controller (the old method);
  • Camera (move your finger across the screen) + Arrows;
  • Camera (move your finger across the screen) + G-sensor;

You can also control via G-sensor - experimental (!) And at the stage of improvement. When using it, be aware that the position of the device in which a ball is in a state of tranquility - hold the device horizontally with a slight forward lean (30 degrees). The game is fun to play. Do give it a try.

#2 Temple Run 2

Temple Run 2

Temple Run 2 is a sequel to the arcade game Temple Run. It is developed by Imangi Studio. After the grand success of Temple Run Imangi introduced its new version with added features and graphics. Just like the older version, your players is escaping from the temple and you have to make him run successfully on the path avoiding every obstacle that comes in your way. Some quality features of Temple Run 2 -

  • New obstacles
  • Special powers for each character
  • More achievements
  • Beautiful new graphics
  • More power ups
  • Gorgeous new organic environments
  • Bigger monkey!!!

#1 Chidiya Udd

Chidiya Udd

Chidiya Udd is brain puzzle game developed by Prim Studios. It is a brain skill tester that test the speed of your response. It is a interactive game to play with your friends. You need to compete with two, three or four players on the same device Tight up your belt and be ready to respond as soon as the image displays on the mobile screen. You have to tell whether the picture being display on your android screen can fly or not. Like, if its a buffalo it can't fly. Just keep making correct decisions and get going. You can play the game in single player mode or multi-player mode ( Up to 4 players).  

So these were the top 10 free android games. Do comment if you have any other favorite or have some different thoughts for the above games. Till then, just download and enjoy!


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