List of Facebook Proxy Sites That Work

 On Sunday, 16 February 2014

Do you want to access your Facebook account but has your network blocked Facebook. Do you find errors "URL Blocked" or "You are not allowed to access this site". Then you need some proxy sites. Proxy sites will help you to bypass these passages and will open your Facebook account for you. Here is a list of Facebook proxy sites that work. You can use these sites to access your Facebook account unless these sites are also blocked by your company or organization.

If these Facebook proxy sites are blocked then I have mentioned another method below that may help you. Have a look.

What Are Facebook Proxy Sites ?

Facebook is a very dynamic social network. Many of us have used it enough to get addicted. When it comes to features, Facebook user friendly interface and options work like nothing. It has likes, followers, friends, pages, games, emails and what not. If you are addicted to Facebook that its not your fault. And if your organisation doesn't allows you to access Facebook, then too its not your fault. But if tech geeks cant provide you a way to access your account and provide you a way that work, then its their fault. Since, you are on a tech blog i.e. this blog Tranvict you don't have to worry. Here I am sharing  a list of Facebook proxy sites that work. Just have a look at these sites and see if they work.

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Facebook Proxy Sites List To Unblock Facebook

#1 The Facebook Proxy


Facebook Proxy is a especially dedicated for the purpose of unblocking Facebook. This site allows you access Facebook from anywhere. Whether its you office, school or any other organisation this site will help you to access you Facebook account in a very simple way. Just on the Home screen enter the Facebook URL and click "Go". It will open the Facebook homepage for you. This site is not only limited to Facebook access you can open any blocked site using this one.

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#2 Proxy Mice

Proxy Mice

Proxy Mice has a wonderful user friendly interface. It allows you to access any blocked site very easily. They have provided a link in their sidebar that reads "Start Facebook Proxy" so that users can directly move to Facebook without any big procedure. You can access this site from anywhere such as schools, colleges, offices. This site also works for all the URLs. You can open any other blocked site using it. It provides you with a quality interface that will give you the security of a regular browser.

#3 Unblock Facebook Proxy

This is another Facebook proxy site that works and devotes itself to serve the Facebook fans. They update their proxies regularly. And they bring up new proxies every time. Even they try to update their interface so that their user can access Facebook more comfortably. They are also comping up with a browser of their own. Once downloaded, their browser will allow you to access any blocked site without visiting any proxy site. Just install the browser and began to surf with full freedom.

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#4 Hide My Ass

Hide My Ass is another quality proxy site. As the name suggests it also allows you hide your IP and provides you a different IP. In that way any blocker will not be able to stop you. This website has a name easy to remember and provides service worth to use. Just enter the URL of the blocked sites and began surfing in no time.

#5 - More Than Just Proxy

Xroxy Facebook Proxy Site

Visit Xroxy.

Xroxy comes fifth in Facebook proxy sites list. also has a good reputation. They have a flexible user interface and a regularly updates database of proxies. They allows you to select proxies based on their properties like port number, connection latency, its type etc.

#6 Kproxy - Another Quality Proxy Site

Kproxy For Facebook


Description - is helping hundreds of thousands of people daily protecting their privacy and identity online and giving access to censored data for free.

#7 Turbo Hide - 100# Free Proxy Server

Turbo Hide Proxy Server

Visit Turbo Hide.

Description - 100% free proxy server. With TurboHide free proxy server you can enjoy unrestricted and uncensored browsing. A popular Facebook proxy site for enhanced Facebook surfing experience.

#8 Zend2 Proxy - Online Anonymous Proxy Server

Zend2 Proxy

Visit  Zend2 proxy site.

Description - Online anonymous proxy server. Online proxy for watching movies, browsing Youtube, downloading programs you can even surf Facebook and Myspace.

#9 Edilly Web Proxy

Edilly Web Proxy

Visit Edilly Web Proxy.

Description - The best anonymous proxy unblock proxy sites. Use our bypass web proxies at school to access blocked websites. This free proxy is not on any proxy list.

#10 Ninja Cloak - The Ninja Proxy Site

Ninja Cloak

Visit Ninja Cloak.

Description - The Ninja Cloak allows you to browse your favorite websites fast and anonymous. Access sites like Facebook and Youtube! Bypass your work or school's firewall restriction for free.

Above ten are the best proxy sites that I have found and works very well. These ten sites stand at the top in my list of Facebook proxy sites that work.

So these were the sites that could help you. But if you are in a condition that none of the above site works. Then you are facing a very tight imprisonment. But don't worry we have the solution.

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Unblock Facebook Using Sites That Are Not Blocked

If Facebook is blocked on your desktop PC in your office, school or college. And none of the above proxy sites are helpful then just follow these steps -

  • First you have to install Proxifier. For that visit their download page.
  • After installing Proxifier, go to "options" and click on "Proxy settings".
  • In that enter the proxy you are currently using along with port.
  • Click on check and see if its working. If not working check your proxy correctly.
  • Once checked, let the Proxifier run.
  • Now go to your Internet properties > Connections >  Lan settings and uncheck the option "Use proxy server for your LAN.
  • That's it. Now you should be able to use Facebook or any other blocked site without any hindrance.

Proxifier Settings
Proxifier Settings

Uncheck Proxy server
Uncheck Proxy Server

So I have shared all the major part. Now its up to you. Just follow the above steps if any of the site in my list of Facebook proxy sites doesn't work. And If you face any other problem do comment. I will try my best to resolve it.

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  1. Thanks for the list of proxies - they are becoming more and more important in todays climate just to access basic sites such as Another one to mention, which I currently use, is as it always enforces https.