How To Receive SMS Online To Bypass SMS Verification?

 On Sunday, 9 February 2014

Many of us while registering on online websites face problems of SMS verification. To avail any offer or for benefit of some temporary services the website owners need us to verify our mobile numbers. And not all the time we can share it. Then this question comes in mind "How to receive SMS online to bypass SMS verification?", "Is there any way to pass through easily?". And the answer is YES. If you left your mobile some where, or do not have it nearby you while surfing on your laptop. You don't need to go anywhere. Just use the below mentioned services and receive SMS online for free.

But first Why SMS Verification?

This question is sure to come in mind. Why website owners or service providers irritate their audience by putting hindrances such as "sms verification" or "verify via sms". This is done for security reasons and also helps in marketing. Earlier "Captcha" was used to differentiate between humans and computers. It is a powerful technique to prevent spam. But many times hacker did find a way out to bypass captcha and hence the service providers have to come out with a different way. And they started online SMS verification.

Benefits Of Online SMS Verification

Online service providers gain several benefits by verifying the user online. Whenever the user receives the SMS online they grab his/her contact details which can help them in marketing their products.

  • First, it keep spammers away. It is very difficult to spam the website with bots when their is an SMS verification lock on the way.
  • Second, it provides security.
  • Third, it helps the service providers to send regular updates to subscribers.
  • Fourth, any information regarding products can be made available to the user instantly.
  • Fifth, user can be contacted readily if he/she is offline for many days. Reviews of the product can be obtained by contacting the user directly. 
Rather let not move away from the topics and see How we can receive SMS online to bypass SMS verification.

How To Receive SMS Online

Below is a list of websites that serves you with a list of mobile numbers that you can use to bypass SMS verification. Just use any of the mobile number and register. Then return to check if your mobile number has received the message or not.

#1 ReceiveSMSonline.NET is a very fine website when its comes to receive SMS online. It has many new numbers to choose from. But the only problem with this website is it works slowly. Sometimes you can get your verification done instantaneously while at other times it will take time. Numbers are busy or loading time is more. This site receives many SMS online due to high traffic I think. But if your number comes busy then just go to the next option.

#2 Receive-SMS-Online.COM

Receive-SMS-Online.COM is also a quality website you can use to bypass SMS verification. It also has six numbers which you can use according to your need. The plus point of this website is you need no registration. You can just select a number without registration and grab your SMS code on the site page. Here number are connected to different networks and SMS service is also fast.

#3 Receive E SMS Online

Receive E SMS Online

This site has made some changes recently. Whatsoever but it does has many free numbers. Most of the numbers are free most of the time. So you can use this site to receive SMS online for free.

# 4 SMS Receiver

This one is a dynamic service. You can receive SMS as well as send SMS online. This is a free service from Sellaite. Sounds great, but in some cases the SMS is not sent. So you can't rely completely on Sellaite for sending SMS but you can you it to bypass SMS verification.

#5 Receive-SMS.COM

Bypass Verification Using Receive-SMS is another quality website that offers you online mobile numbers service. It offers six demo number of United States and Canada. You can use any number among these to bypass SMS verification. The messages received on these numbers are displayed on the homepage itself. Just choose any number and get the work done. Visit

#6 Receive Free SMS

Receive Free SMS Online

Receive Free SMS also allows you to get SMS on their numbers. They serve upto 12 numbers. No registration is required and the message will show on the web page itself. This website has less traffic and you can use their numbers to receive message instantly. Visit

#7 TextNow - Get Your Personal US Phone Number

TextNow - Get Your Personal Number

TextNow is a quality user friendly portal that gives you a personal US based phone number which you can use again and again for your personal use. But you have to sign up first. Once you sign up, a personal unique mobile number is allotted to you. But if you are living outside US then while signing up TextNow will show a error message "Something Went wrong With your Sign Up. Please Try Again." It happens when you register with a proxy of any country except US. Hence, you have to you US proxy to register. See this list of proxy sites that you can use to change proxy. And then visit TextNow to register and receive SMS online for free.

You can these use these receive SMS online free using these services and do tell me if I am missing any other quality service site. I will add it.

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