How To Download Torrent Using Cloud?

 On Sunday, 23 February 2014

Cloud is a great computing technology that runs a program on a large network of computers that makes the work done faster and better. You can use this storage ability to download torrent using cloud which will help you get your file downloaded in a very less time as compared to the conventional method. There are torrent sites that let you download torrent directly from your browser and you can use these sites to download your data from torrent sites to cloud storage. And also there are could storage sharing websites that offers free and paid storage account which can be used for this purpose.

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How It Works?

You know cloud is a great computing system.Any data stored on cloud serves can be downloaded to you PC or android phone quickly using any software such as Internet Download Manager (IDM) or direct download. There are websites that cache torrent files on their server and then you can download them on your PC. Or you can save those files on your Dropbox account, Google drive etc. And this method helps in many ways. Any torrent client such as Utorrent or Bittorrent takes allot of time to download your favorite games, movies, videos, audio etc. Downloading speed depends on the health of torrent and on your internet connection. Also torrent servers are not that reliable. In such cases using cloud server to download will save you allot of time and downloading will be safe and secure. Below is a list of websites that share cloud storage. Just sign up on any of these sites and use their services.

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Download Torrent Using Cloud Sharing Websites

Here is the list of cloud sharing websites. Many of these sites give free storage upto some limit and then charge you for more. You can try their free services and choose the one you like the best.

#1 - Online Could Torrent Downloader

Zbigz Cloud Torrent Downloader provides free cloud computing and use it to download torrent file. As compared to torrent client it is upto 10 times faster. Just open their Homepage and you will see a input text bar with text "Paste your torrent or magnet link here". Just copy the link of torrent file or upload the .torrent file and click "Go".

Zbigz is getting popular and simple of all. As it serves a huge traffic, chances are the torrent you are searching for is already on their cloud server. Many people are looking for various files and it keeps all the downloaded torrent files on its servers. And if your movie, game is popular then you will get it instantly. Just download it in no time and enjoy.

#2 - Another Quality Cloud Sever is another quality website you can use to download torrent for your PC or mobile device. It is compatible with Windows, Man, Linux, IOS and with android OS. They have beta version for Windows 7 other versions for Windows XP and Windows 2000 users. They allow you to share your files anywhere with multiple hosting and offline access.

Pcloud is a simple web browser app through which you can download torrent files. It has no speed limit and size limit. On sign up they offer a free 10 GB storage usage. They have premium plans and provides 100 GB storage usage for $4.99, 300 GB for $14.99 and 1 TB for $49.99. These are monthly plans. Also, if you use a free account you can get an extra GB free for inviting your friends on their website.

Update - Pcloud offers only cloud storage. It doesn't allow torrent download. Look here - Can you download torrent using pCloud?

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#3 - Download Premium from 85 Hosters allows you to download files anonymously and store them to your storage drives like Dropbox, Google drive, PC storage etc easily. It has 85 hosting systems that download your file on their cloud storage to serve you with lighting fast download speeds. Like they also have no speed restriction on their free or premium plans. Also their feature of anonymous downloading is chattered allot. Here is how they make you anonymous -

  • Their payments are carried out by third party. So your card name is not displayed on any of your account.
  • They hide you IP and keep it private.
  • They block peers, file hosters and trackers. So nothing can track you.
  • All of your details are kept private and is not shared anywhere.
You can use for free. Upon sign up they provide 10 GB of free hosting usage to new user. You can switch to premium account any time for unlimited usage. You can go premium or create multiple accounts to download torrent using cloud servers on their site.

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#4 - Cloud Torrents

Fuge Cloud Storage is another quality website that offers 2 GB of disk space and 5 GB of seed box transfer for free. You just have to register through their site and confirm your email. And you get the above storage service for free. Else you can try their paid plans which are also cheap. Plans are -

20 GB disk space and 75 GB of seed box transfer - $3
50 GB disk Space and 200 GB of seed box transfer - $6
100 GB of disk space and 400 GB of seed box transfer - $10
175 GB disk space and 750 GB of seed box transfer - $15

To download torrent from first you have to upload .torrent file on their seed box page. They will then download the torrent content on their server. After the content has been downloaded on their server you will receive a notification confirming your download. You can then download it to your PC or smartphone.

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#5 - Webstorage Free Service

File Stream Cloud Torrent also serves our purpose. It is a free web storage server that lets you download files on their server anonymously. Your can hide your contact details and IP. You can paste links of the file you want to download and your file will start downloading on their server. Your downloaded data will store on their server and you can access it whenever you want using an encrypted SSL connection. This website is growing and expanding its services. They have many other plans which are worthy. They are working on it. Just use them once to know about their services.

So these were some of the top sites that are a solution to the question "How to download torrent using cloud servers?". Just try these sites and feel the power of cloud. If you have any other quality website that serves the same, do comment. I will include it here. Till, then have superb torrent downloading!


  1. how to download torrent through pcloud??plz help

  2. I got the same problem. how can i download torrents through pcloud???

  3. I have updated the post, Pcloud is not offering torrent download service. You may refer here -

  4. How to transfer file from pcloud to my google drive?

  5. Stay away from putdrive not free and brutally bad service look at their youtube or facebook page nothing but complaints

  6. does not allow downloading torrents with public trackers for free this error:
    "Sorry, public trackers are not allowed for unpaid accounts. Please upgrade to a paid membership if you want to use public trackers."

  7. You forgot to mention It cost half and it has bigger storage...
    And I agree - putdrive never again.