The 7 Reasons for a Chronic Cough

Let’s talk about the seven reasons for a chronic cough.

Number one a b12 deficiency now this is not as common but if you’re deficient in b12 it’s gonna affect the neurology throughout the body but it could also affect the nerves to your vocal cords and create irritation,  so realize that a simple way to get b12 is by consuming red meat and/or liver, that’ll give you enough b12 pretty quick.

Alright next one is something called the laryngeal fern Geel reflex, that is a situation where you’re getting acid that’s kind of coming up through the valve and your stomach, should be closed kind of comes up there and it’s going to irritate all the way up through the book into the vocal cords,  That could come from a vitamin D deficiency number one or just low hydrochloric acid in your stomach and both of these are very common.

If your vitamin D deficient and just realize that vitamin D does influence gastrin which helps you release hydrochloric acid, this can create this effect where the valve just doesn’t close and you start getting a stereo station and even the enzymes can even break down the protein and your esophagus and even your vocal cords. so that can be more severe, now if you’re low in hydrochloric acid in the stomach and you’re not deficient about M&D, but let’s say the pH which normally should be one to three, is four five or six you just don’t have a strong-ass in your stomach, that could be enough to prevent the valve on the top of the stomach from closing and that acid come right up and irritate your throat as well as the enzymes.

This could come from many things it could come from just getting older and you just need to supply more factors like betaine how to chloride or outside a vinegar to make it more acidic, if you come from eating too much junk food, taking any acids, you’re deficient in salts which are necessary to build hydrochloric acid.

So there’s many many things and I’ll put a link down below to learn more about this but if you’re low in HCl or low in vitamin D you can create this condition. The next thing is if you have an allergy and a lot of times in the spring of the fall the mold or the pollen can irritate the throat or the sinuses cause a post nasal drip and create this cough. now if it’s all year round it could be mold in your house for example that could be causing.

 This one interesting thing about allergies is that if you acidify the stomach and you add more let’s say betaine how to chloride or upset a vinegar to make this more acidic it can improve the allergy, so it’ll be less severe.

 The next thing is an enlarged thyroid if your thyroid is enlarging or you have a goiter that can put pressure on your vocal cords and create a coughing sensation. sometimes when you look at people you can actually even see that they have this swollen area right around your thyroid they don’t even they’re not even aware of it. so they should go get it checked and I have articles on that as well.

 Next thing is a viral infection it could be a virus that you had way in the past that is reactivated because viruses go dormant that’s called latent and they can be reactivated under stress or when you’re deficient in certain things like vitamin D or zinc and that can actually come out as a viral infection in your throat or in the upper respiratory area two very good things to take for viruses and prevent them from coming out of remission would be zinc and you got a vitamin D.

And number seven is probably the most common reason for a chronic cough it’s a calcium deficiency and by the way you can become calcium deficient if you don’t have enough hydrochloric acid, because it takes a very acidic stomach to absorb minerals especially calcium, so if you’re at deficient in calcium it can create a little bit of a spasm in your vocal chords and that can create a chronic cough.

I always recommend something called calcium lactate for people under chronic cough if you don’t have some of this other condition I recommend the calcium lactate, and it seems to resolve it pretty quick. so there you have it the seven reasons for a chronic cough.

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