The 7 Benefits of a Cold Shower

Today we’re gonna talk about the seven benefits of taking a cold shower.

This is really about something called cryotherapy cold therapy, now with cryotherapy, you’re put into a crowded chamber for just a very small amount of time because it’s a very very cold two maybe three may be up to five minutes and this concept is really based on this word hormesis.

 Okay, hora mucins what is that that is a situation where you’re adding a low dose dress or a moderate amount of stress to create a beneficial effect, there’s a lot of things that can create this effect this is called hormetic effect, but it’s really a survival mechanism that’s been around for eons.

I mean if you think about in the past with human bodies the combination of how many times that our bodies have starved and been in the cold so you’re freezing and starving and what the body will do over time to adapt. It’s really built within our genes so just by taking a 20 minute cold shower it can increase norepinephrine by two to three hundred percent and when you increase this neurotransmitter which is made by your adrenal glands and other parts of your body you can really drop inflammation.

You can increase your antioxidant networks including glutathione, so your ability to detox protect against DNA damage is improved, also your mitochondria increase as far as the numbers of mitochondria you can generate more energy which is fascinating, so taking a cold shower of a period of time can actually boost your energy also your T cells increase these are the cells that help you prevent against infection against viruses and even bacteria.

You would think by going into the cold, you would get sick but you’re only going in the cold for a certain period of time when you do a cold shower I always recommend start off with maybe 30 seconds for a minute and gradually increase it over time and then maybe turn it on to a hot shower and alternate just because pain tends to be very painful, so you want to gradually ease into it.

If here are some of the benefits of a cold shower it decreases muscle pain and anytime you have an acute injury you want to use cold and not heat that’s just a side down you also get decreased joint pain joint inflammation especially with rheumatoid arthritis, you’ll speed up recovery from either a workout or you had an actual injury from sports eg it decreases inflammation.

In general increases your cognitive function in your overall mood, there’s been some interesting studies on depression and anxiety and also it can even increase your metabolism. now I know the last way people want to lose weight is by taking cold showers but it can boost your metabolism a little bit but of course you want to be on keto and intermittent fasting to really do it correctly.

 Anyway, these are the benefits and comments below if you have ever used cold as a therapy. thanks for Reading.

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