Burning Fat Secrets Everyone Needs To Know

I have a question, how many times have you attempted to lose weight and it didn’t work out? how many failures do you have in the area of weight loss once-twice a hundred?  As we age it becomes more difficult to lose weight if your metabolism is stuck and you plateaued I need your undivided attention, because I’m going to show you in this article a really different way to approach weight loss, and this is going to change the whole course of your attempts, you need a happy ending to the struggles. All I want is for you to be willing to learn something new if you still even have the slightest consideration that you cannot be helped.

Read this article to the entire end and you will have the confidence that it will work for you, I promise that. So, get out a pen and paper and take notes because I need your undivided attention.

I used to be a junk food junkie, I was the worst, I was a sugar fiend, I would eat tons of junk food and I had no awareness of health, but it caught up to me when I was 28 years old, I’m 29 now! I’m just kidding, I’m 52, When I was 28 I started developing arthritis inflammation chronic adrenal burnout chronic fatigue syndrome, my digestive system was all inflamed, I had arthritis of my fingers I started getting this pizza crust and around my midsection, I mean I was trying to gain weight in high school and then. I’m really trying now to lose weight, I was like, what is going on with my body? but I was also cheated so much and like everyone, I justified it. I used to say well I’ll eat healthy when I graduate from college.

Right ! and then it went from I’ll eat healthy when I get older well that only lasted so long. So, what that led me to was a big discovery in the area of health, and I want to share it with you, so here’s what I discovered you ready!

 Oh! you sitting down, people don’t lose weight to get healthy they have to first get healthy to lose weight. It’s good, healthy first and then lose the weight, second, why? because your weight is a symptom it’s not the cause,  it’s a symptom of an unhealthy body losing weight is actually very unnatural to the body, the body doesn’t like to lose weight, it goes against its purpose to survive. So, it doesn’t lose like to lose anything, so the weight is the tip of the iceberg the real thing is something that I’m going to show you next the reason has to do with a very specific hormone that’s holding down your metabolism.

There are two sets of hormones that make you gain weight. And hormones that help you lose weight most mainstream advice focuses on the calories, but they ignore the hormone triggers instead, they try to stimulate the metabolism, they try to give you an appetite suppressant, they’re trying to you know do some type of trick to trick your metabolism to some exercise, but that is never going to work.

Now I’m going to show you the secret but I need your full attention if you checked out check back in right, now because this is vital so the hormone that stops you from losing weight is called insulin, a lot of people know this as relating to diabetes but it has another function a huge function and it is the hormone that puts fat not only on your body but mainly your midsection, it also prevents you from losing weight it’s called the fat-storage hormone, and here’s what people don’t realize is the presence of even a tiny little bit of insulin all fat burning hormones are shut down. What does that mean? it means that if you were to consume a half a glass of juice glass of wine a bagel even a piece of fruit, if you have a problem with this hormone you’re not going to lose weight for the next twenty-eight hours so when you see someone with belly fat you can be a hundred percent sure that that person has too much insulin, so the insulin goes up a person gains weight when the insulin goes down they lose the weight.

Let’s just look at the book called guidance physiology the authority medical book, in every medical school all aspects of fat metabolism are greatly enhanced in the absence of insulin so we need to create an absence of insulin to lose weight, they used on the information on insulin you can predict what diet is going to work and which one is not so if you took the Atkins diet or Weight Watchers or paleo or vegan or ketogenic the question that does any of these lower insulin those are the ones that are going to work, insulin is the switch that determines whether you burn fat or you make that so the next question is what lowers insulin?

Here are the things,

 carbohydrates :

 You probably already know this that low-carb diets are very very healthy so you want to cut the sugar out want to cut the hidden sugars out that does include the bread pasta, cereal crackers, biscuits, waffles, pancakes, muffins, so does juice alcohol flavored yogurts fruits. Okay, most people know that some people don’t.

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