10 Key Healthy Food Principles That You Should Know

What determines your well-being? surely your health, and what affects your health the most? the right answer is your nutrition we are what we eat but unfortunately, we always keep breaking these rules of healthy nutrition due to the modern pace of life. But, what if I told you about following a few little rules after which you can be much.

Healthier, just imagine how significantly it could change and extend your life in this article I’m gonna tell you about how following a few easy rules will surely help you become much healthier. Stay with us and read this interesting useful and delicious article till the end the healthy style website is here with you. Ready? here we go.

Explanatory note all recommendations are given by me in this article is based on real expert data and real recommendations of elite nutritionists and the World Health Organization w-h-o this means that this is not just idle speculation but real recommendations based on real research.

Healthy nutrition recommendation number one, You have to eat various products, some people say all these micro and macronutrients can be substituted by only two products milk and potatoes. Some people stick to a buckwheat only diet, but the truth of life is that there is really no mono-product that can provide us with all the necessary elements.

On its own it’s a utopia for example, There is a lot of vitamin C but there is absolutely no iron in them, and if we take some bread or legumes, we can definitely see that while that it includes a lot of iron in them, Yes, there is no vitamin C, There is one very easy and simple rule you need to eat at least four or five vegetables. You can choose these five veggies for yourself according to your tastes. They can be cucumbers, tomatoes, cabbage, bell pepper or carrots.

If you eat any five vegetables during the day, you will get most of the needed vitamins and micronutrients, also you need to eat dietary fiber each day and the fiber champion is, of course, the well-known cabbage more than that cabbage and beetroot ur at the top of the most healthy vegetables. For me, I eat take every day beetroot and cabbage, not too much, but every day. The great version of fresh cabbage is sour cabbage, true Because it contains special Bifidobacterium, which is great for your digestion.

 Going further, Let’s talk about fruits and vegetables, The World Health Organization recommends that we eat at least 500 grams of local fruit and vegetables each day specifically the fruit and veggies have to be local not imported, and the proportion of veggies to fruit has to be two to one meaning that for every two grams of vegetables there has to be one gram of fruit, and it is strongly recommended to eat fresh fruits and vegetables. Going further, you have to consume milk or other dairy products that is kefir cheese yogurt, etc..

 But, be sure that yogurt is not factory made, because there is no real yogurt inside ideally, one should produce homemade yogurt and kefir, you can buy ferment and make your yogurt on a windowsill, it’s not difficult anyone can make it if you think that it’s too difficult to make homemade keeper, then let me reassure you, there is nothing difficult about it, you just take the ferment, you need to put it into milk, then let it rest for a day and that’s it ! healthy real kefir is ready and who hasn’t heard about the use of Kieffer’s Bifidobacterium, also it’s recommended to reduce the quantity of animal fat and eat more vegetable fat.

But, do not exclude all animal fat from your diet it wouldn’t be correct there have to be both kinds of fat in your diet. But vegetable fat has to be three times more than animal fat, there are different sources of vegetable fat such as vegetable oil, and nuts walnut is considered to be the most healthy among nuts and flaxseed oil, among oils, flaxseed oil is rich in omega-3 which are highly useful fatty acids, omega-3 helps to normalize your libidinal profile that lowers cholesterol ameliorates brain activity and enhances your immune system it goes without saying that you must avoid trans fats, which are in almost all sausage goods such as sausages frankfurters and cutlet with unknown origin if you eat meat then you should choose white meat such as turkey or chicken fillet.

 It is not recommended to eat too much red meat such as beef and especially pork in general. When you eat meat, It’s better to trim off the fatty pieces, if you buy chicken give preference to breast fillet rather than thighs or legs. But, Fish oil is very healthy so I prefer eating oily fish to red meat.

In general, you should remember the value of protein. White meat, fish, legumes, nuts, and dairy are perfect sources of protein.

Going further, The w-h-o recommends limiting the consumption of sugar primarily refined sugar, of course it’s good to limit the amount of confectionary from supermarkets, And if you prefer drinking tea with sugar remember that you can always find a substitute, for example, you can choose unrefined cane sugar, which is better than refined sugar . Though to be honest the best option is to avoid sugar but I find it very problematic fluids consumption, The w-h-o recommends drinking 2 liters of water each day it has to be fresh, Still water, not juices, Tea, Coffee or soup!  Just water.

Start your day with a glass of warm water, drink a glass of warm water right after waking up, before brushing your teeth and don’t forget to drink about 10 glasses of water during the day. It’s highly important to control salt consumption.

The w-h-o recommends eating up to 5 grams of salt a day and our daily products have 80% of it because salt is added everywhere even in bread, It’s difficult to find people with a lack of salt. But, if we add salt to our meals it’s already too much for us, there are recommendations for alcohol. In general, the w-h-o recommends drinking no more than two doses of alcohol a day, one dose of alcohol means 10 grams of pure spirit, and it’s recommended not to take more than 20 grams of the spirit daily. There’s no minimum you can drink, no alcohol at all, it is great if you can do it just no more than 20 grams a day, preferably not every day to avoid addiction.

Going further, The w-h-o focuses on the method of cooking because it’s also highly important, it is better to cook with such methods that do not need additional fat butter salt or sugar, I mean to fry in boiling oil and pour salt that is really unhealthy. It’s better to boiler steam and another interesting point the w-h-o doesn’t mind cooking in a microwave oven a lot of people tell spooky stories about microwave ovens. But, there is notorious protein coagulation going on that microwave food is too unhealthy and stuff like that.

The w-h-o does in mind microwaves because there is no proof of their hazard it’s vitally important to maintain your ideal weight there doesn’t have to be a lack of weight. But also there is no need in overweight and we understand that our weight depends on our diet above all and secondarily on physical activity and exercises, it’s so important to monitor your total caloric value during the day because being overweight leads to the development of cardiovascular disease and oncology which has been proved.

So, If you are overweight try to lower the caloric value of your meals, well these are the principle recommendations given by the World Health Organization and Friends I have a question for you, please comment which of these recommendations have you already used or heard.

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